Refreshed Zillner Brand

Newly refreshed Zillner brand and identity; Executive Creative Director

Zillner Website

New website supporting the new Zillner brand launch; Executive Creative Director

Zillner Responsive Web

New Zillner website which is Responsive for mobile devices; Executive Creative Director


Logo and identity work for a Cloud Security Solutions client


The app was just released in iTunes and Google Play as a companion to the existing web experience

Forward International

Branding and identity project for a non-profit

Engaging Explorer

Professional branding on User Experience and Design Methodology

Imagine Auto

Website design and development prototype for future migration

HRB iPhone App

The first HRB iPhone GUI, flow and implementation


Website comp

Mobile Interactive Retail Experience

Prototype for Android device

1979 Jeep CJ7 Website

Personal website of my previous daily driver, a classic 1979 Jeep CJ7

KDA Sample

Proposed design option for new website

TMP Directional Marketing Website

Most recent active site until company closed shop


One of the biggest differences out here than back east is how big the sky is

TMP Directional Marketing

Promotional one-sheet for company event

GameTime Technologies Website

Companion website

GameTime Technologies

Logo and identity assignment for technology startup

medCME Website

Proposed solution

Chargers Soccer Club

Logo design for our multi-champion wining youth soccer team


Like most of my pieces, I was looking out one morning and the sun was just coming up. I couldn’t get the image out of my head until I painted it out


Website companion to branding initiative done by a local agency in Kansas City

1989 Porsche 911/964 C4

Blog site for my second Porsche project (since sold)

Knobtown Cycles

Original logo for custom bike shop in Knobtown, MO

Mortgages Inc

Freelance identity project

Freshfarms Market

I produced multiple anual invites and postcards for this freelance client

Jacaranda Properties

Identity project for freelance client

KST Consulting

Freelance client identity and website project

Visual Encounter

Personal website to promote analog photography


Identity project to allow multiple retail brands to live under a single design influence

Identity Project 2

Freelance client

Identity Project

Freelance client

The Media Fly Website

A microsite for a freelance client

1966 Porsche 912

My blogging site for my now sold (such a mistake) 1966 Porsche 912

Chloe Birth Announcement

My daughter

Interactive Chalk Board

Another main index promo spot

Product Specific Icons

A set didn’t exist while searching for icons to use in promotions… so I created a set

Landing Page Interactive Promotion

One of many spots during my years with HRB

HRB Post Mortem Vegas Theme

We did anual end of season post mortem’s; one season it was a Vegas theme

Campaign Tie-in

Willie Nelson did a spot for HRB. We promoted it leveraging a storyboard I created to tie-in with broadcast spot

Original Icon Set

Used in a few presentations and infographics

Doak Aircraft

Doak Aircraft was a real company. I have some assorted item from the company. I had planned on creating an archive site for the company but have not done so as of yet…

TaxCut Website

This was the homepage for the 2005 tax season

H&R Block Website

I believe this was the third tax season I was employed by HRB

Driftwood & Sand Website

Companion site to identity work

Driftwood & Sand

A very early freelance client; Travel Industry

Birthday Announcement

For my son. Funny enough, the back story on the night prior to his party is quite entertaining. Ask me sometime (I’m not allowed to disclose any details online)


A startup opportunity which I do not think took off


Startup identity exercise

Software Engineering

If you don’t get it, well, then you don’t get it

Big Head Group

I made it. I know someone asked me to make it. I know it was used for something. For the life of me I can’t tell you anything more about it

60 Second Interviews

I would grab senior members in the hallway, prep them for a minute then shoot them for a minute on topics like future releases, current promotions, staffing, etc. All viewed internally

Digex Baseball Cards

I collect a sigle baseball player from the 1900′s. I got the idea from that for one of our team functions. Each team member was to have a personal card. The set was never completed

Product Promotions

Again, one in a series of 20-30 ideas. This one has always been my favorite (so many inside jokes)

Honda Digex Promotional Video

My manager was/is a huge Honda motorcross fan

Internal Campaigns 2

Another in my Architex branding series

Internal Campaigns

I was allowed a great deal of creative freedom while at Digex. I was encouraged to produce print, multimedia, video, web, animation, photography and strategy on implementing best user practices for a slew of software solutions

My first online portfolio. It changed from a portfolio site to a wedding photography site back to a portfolio site and now sits as an archive of my favorite photos

Early Logo Design

Early Website Comp

Maryland Science Center Invitation

There was a time when Flash was king (I’m dating myself)

Old Bay Christmas

I worked in Baltimore, MD for an agency on the decline of the boom

Bachelor Party Invite

Wedding Invite

My wedding invite

Ty Birth Announcement

My son’s birth announcement

Etching Stamp

Love stamp

Southwest Project

While at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) I spent a summer shooting in the Southwest for credit. I have been working on a site for over a decade to publish all the images. I’m still working on it

Wallops Island

Work I produced with NASA

Live Picture Pepper

Designed to work with extremely high resolution digital photographs, Live Picture allowed the user to manipulate images without additional artifact distortion. And that is an original photograph of my own using strobe photography and a .22


A very early work. I still have the original plate in my files. No idea where prints 1-3 ended up?


Little known fact: I originally went to college on a painting scholarship. I try and create an original work once a year (I’ve been bad as of late)