As the story goes (or so I have been telling it) / thirtytwo (pronounced slant 32) was created in mid 2001 to showcase work outside of photography (flawlessphoto; my “first” online portfolio). In the late 90′s early 2000′s squatters were gobbling up urls for profit (ha). Those of us who had ideas they wanted to promote online were constantly running into registered urls with no content. I was doing more and more freelance and I wanted to promote it with a unique identity. After a long night of word association I woke the next day with two words scribbled on a yellow sheet of paper: slant 32. What does it mean? No idea. But here we are.

As it stands, if you are looking for my “occasional” blog and somewhat photo-dairy head over to andrewdoak. If you are looking for one of my archived Porsche projects you should be looking at 66912 or 89c4. If you are looking for my old Jeep project you should head over to 1979cj7. If you are looking for my professional stance on User Experience and Digital Media you should be reading Engaging Explorer. BUT, if you are looking for strictly digital samples of work I have created over the years and continue to produce you are in the right place.

The work shown here ranges from projects early in my career to work I’ve just completed. There is also personal work displayed as well. This site has been asleep for too long. To be fair, the majority of the work I produce today is confidential. When I can share work, I will.