Refreshed Zillner Brand

Newly refreshed Zillner brand and identity; Executive Creative Director


Logo and identity work for a Cloud Security Solutions client

Forward International

Branding and identity project for a non-profit

Engaging Explorer

Professional branding on User Experience and Design Methodology

GameTime Technologies

Logo and identity assignment for technology startup

Chargers Soccer Club

Logo design for our multi-champion wining youth soccer team

Knobtown Cycles

Original logo for custom bike shop in Knobtown, MO

Mortgages Inc

Freelance identity project

Jacaranda Properties

Identity project for freelance client

KST Consulting

Freelance client identity and website project


Identity project to allow multiple retail brands to live under a single design influence

Identity Project 2

Freelance client

Identity Project

Freelance client

Driftwood & Sand

A very early freelance client; Travel Industry


A startup opportunity which I do not think took off


Startup identity exercise

Software Engineering

If you don’t get it, well, then you don’t get it

Big Head Group

I made it. I know someone asked me to make it. I know it was used for something. For the life of me I can’t tell you anything more about it

My first online portfolio. It changed from a portfolio site to a wedding photography site back to a portfolio site and now sits as an archive of my favorite photos

Early Logo Design