TMP Directional Marketing

Promotional one-sheet for company event

Mortgages Inc

Freelance identity project

Freshfarms Market

I produced multiple anual invites and postcards for this freelance client

Jacaranda Properties

Identity project for freelance client

KST Consulting

Freelance client identity and website project

Chloe Birth Announcement

My daughter

HRB Post Mortem Vegas Theme

We did anual end of season post mortem’s; one season it was a Vegas theme

Driftwood & Sand

A very early freelance client; Travel Industry

Birthday Announcement

For my son. Funny enough, the back story on the night prior to his party is quite entertaining. Ask me sometime (I’m not allowed to disclose any details online)

Digex Baseball Cards

I collect a sigle baseball player from the 1900′s. I got the idea from that for one of our team functions. Each team member was to have a personal card. The set was never completed

Product Promotions

Again, one in a series of 20-30 ideas. This one has always been my favorite (so many inside jokes)

Internal Campaigns 2

Another in my Architex branding series

Internal Campaigns

I was allowed a great deal of creative freedom while at Digex. I was encouraged to produce print, multimedia, video, web, animation, photography and strategy on implementing best user practices for a slew of software solutions

Bachelor Party Invite

Wedding Invite

My wedding invite

Ty Birth Announcement

My son’s birth announcement