Zillner Website

New website supporting the new Zillner brand launch; Executive Creative Director

Zillner Responsive Web

New Zillner website which is Responsive for mobile devices; Executive Creative Director

Imagine Auto

Website design and development prototype for future migration


Website comp

1979 Jeep CJ7 Website

Personal website of my previous daily driver, a classic 1979 Jeep CJ7

KDA Sample

Proposed design option for new website

TMP Directional Marketing Website

Most recent active site until company closed shop

GameTime Technologies Website

Companion website

medCME Website

Proposed solution


Website companion to branding initiative done by a local agency in Kansas City

1989 Porsche 911/964 C4

Blog site for my second Porsche project (since sold)

Visual Encounter

Personal website to promote analog photography

The Media Fly Website

A microsite for a freelance client

1966 Porsche 912

My blogging site for my now sold (such a mistake) 1966 Porsche 912

Doak Aircraft

Doak Aircraft was a real company. I have some assorted item from the company. I had planned on creating an archive site for the company but have not done so as of yet…

TaxCut Website

This was the homepage for the 2005 tax season

H&R Block Website

I believe this was the third tax season I was employed by HRB

Driftwood & Sand Website

Companion site to identity work


My first online portfolio. It changed from a portfolio site to a wedding photography site back to a portfolio site and now sits as an archive of my favorite photos

Early Website Comp

Southwest Project

While at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) I spent a summer shooting in the Southwest for credit. I have been working on a site for over a decade to publish all the images. I’m still working on it